Vol 27 Number 07, July 2018

In this issue

In this month’s Journal of Wound Care (JWC), a review article summarises and examines the classification, microbiology and treatment of diabetic foot infections. In the practice section, a descriptive, comparative, controlled, multicentre study of 150 people, using a sociodemographic questionnaire and Brazilian versions of the Edmonton Frail Scale and Stanford HAQ-20 Disability Scale, explores frailty syndrome and functional disability in older adults, with and without diabetes and/or foot ulcers. Other practice articles include a real-world study of 100 patients being treated with topical oxygen; the use of a gelling fibre on complex, surgical or chronic wounds, and the use of a monofilament-fibre debridement pad in hard-to-reach wounds.

Also this month, the third of our North American supplements features papers on facilitating an organisational culture to prevent pressure ulcers among older adults in health-care facilities; using a novel chitosan-based dressing on split-thickness skin graft donor sites; evaluating the efficacy of a nitric oxide dressing in decreasing bacterial counts on human skin; and using human placental membrane as a wound cover for chronic diabetic foot ulcers.

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